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Criminal Defense BooksBoulder criminal defense attorney Kevin Churchill provides criminal defense representation to those accused of all criminal offenses in Boulder and throughout the Colorado Front Range. Charges frequently handled by the firm include DUI, domestic violence, assault, theft, burglary, robbery, drug offenses and sexual crimes.

Our Colorado law firm has successfully defended hundreds of those accused of crimes in Colorado. If you or someone you know has been or is about to be charged with a crime, we encourage you to call us immediately for a free legal consultation regarding your case. Your conversation with us is confidential, and Mr. Churchill will answer your initial questions and provide preliminary advice.

We understand that you are frightened by the experience of being charged with a crime. Our principle job is to protect your rights and your liberty. However, we also want you to be comfortable throughout the process. Mr. Churchill is very accessible to his clients, and he believes that good representation demands that the client be fully aware and involved in their own defense case. You can only make good decisions if your attorney helps you to understand all of the angles of your case. Clients of our Boulder criminal defense law firm can expect an expert evaluation of the district attorneys evidence, expert development of your defense evidence, and personal attention to your questions and concerns at every step of the process. You can expect the aggressive legal representation that it will take to obtain the best possible outcome.

Protect Your Reputation
Kevin Churchill is a results oriented Boulder criminal defense attorney, and has obtained numerous successful outcomes including not guilty verdicts, case dismissals, reduced charges, and favorable plea agreements. Our firm will investigate any facts and uncover any evidence that will help you to win your case. Your criminal defense case may also include filing legal motions to reduce bail, obtain discovery, suppress evidence, or obtain police records. We will collect evidence, secure witnesses and serve subpoenas. We work with experienced investigators and employ highly respected forensic experts and laboratory facilities to render expert opinions regarding the evidence in your case.

Crime in Boulder, Colorado

CrimeBoulder is a thriving city nestled along the beautiful foothills northwest of Denver. It is a great place to live, but not without its fair share of criminal activities. Boulder is a college town, and as such, sees criminal charges that are typical of a college town. College students and visitors, who are not law-abiding, get into different types of trouble than do members of the general adult population throughout the United States. It goes without saying that there is a very high rate of DUI charges relative to the population here, as college students drink more volume, and more frequently, than people do once they get into the later years of life. Of course, this is only a broad generalization, with many exceptions.

Arrested in BoulderEven aside from DUI and DWAI, criminal charges occurring in Boulder frequently involve the use of alcohol and drugs. Students get into fights, trespass into places they are not supposed to be, burglarize buildings, use illegal drugs, and so on. The most common misdemeanor charges that we handle are assault, criminal mischief, domestic violence and theft. The most common felonies we see here are felony assault, felony menacing, burglary, trespassing, drug possession, drug distribution, and sexual assault.

Kevin Churchill has been defending the criminally accused here in Boulder since 2003. He is well-known among the judges and prosecutors in Boulder County Court. He also practices in the Boulder’s satellite court in Longmont, Colorado. Having handled thousands of prior criminal defense cases has prepared him to help you achieve the best possible results, should you be facing charges in Boulder, or anywhere along the Front Range of Colorado.

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